About Us

The Scottish Ironwork Foundation came into being in 2002 as the result of a Millenium Fellowship grant to study Scottish Architectural Ironwork. We realised quickly that whilst some of us had been studying the subject for some years, the profile and understanding of what Scotland had contributed globally to this industry was not well understood.

We set out to change that and six Trustees built a database of Scottish iron structures across the world, reaching just under four thousand items. The site grew and became the place to consult for information on this remarkable industry.

Sadly our site was hacked in 2012, but thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in December 2013 we have been able to commission a new website and searchable database.

If you know of any examples of Scottish ironwork near you please get in touch! You can email us at david@scottishironwork.org.

What we do

We record, research and make publically available ironwork made or found in Scotland on our database. We take public contributions, help provide advice on identification of structures and provide additional information. We collect information relating to the firms undertaking this type of work in Scotland and undertake research projects to add to the corpus of knowledge.

Trustee Ali Davey spreading the word at a public event !

We will provide advice to public and private bodies where we are able. We have the best collective archive of trade catalogues for these firms in the world, and an extensive knowledge base that supports our activities. We share this information primarily via this website but also through publications, seminars, conferences and the general press. We will sometimes get involved in rescuing objects or structures where it falls within our remit.

We can undertake research and provide archival information to support conservation and restoration projects on a fee basis to support our charitable purpose - please get in touch.